The patch is out!

It is official. The v3251 patch was released earlier today, 2 days ahead of schedule, and is available for download through the GPG auto-updater program. I am currently downloading the patch, as I’m sure many of you are also doing. I haven’t yet played any games with the new patch, but you should look forward in the coming days to detailed articles on the many changes.

If you have any issues or just general discussion about the patch, feel free to discuss below!

Patch Notes for build 325X
* New cartographic view for both main view and strategic map.
* Multiplayer/Skirmish maps now have a “no rush” timer option.
* Map props have been altered to balance player start positions.
* Overall performance enhancements in regards to memory management and AI.
* Saltrock Colony’s civilian defenses altered for balance.
* Assist Icon now properly shows when mousing over a Quantum Gateway.
* Starting Mass Extractor locations adjusted for all ranked maps.
* Weapons that do splash damage no longer destroy other projectiles.
* Improved pathing and unit formation behavior, especially for naval and experimental units.
* Fixed issue where game would lock up if you were at unit capacity in campaign mode and captured an enemy unit.
* Ferry Beacon now has a Strategic Icon.
* Weapons now perform a terrain blocking test when choosing the best target to engage.
* Improved behavior for Engineers that are patroling and reclaiming resources.
* Attack Ground is now equivalent of Attack Move to Position.
* New Hold Ground stance lets units attack the ground instead of performing an attack move to a position.
* Fixed double Mass Extractor exploit.

* Scorcher now deals its damage faster.
* Build cost of Tier 3 spy planes reduced by roughly half, and they now have limited-range Omni.
* Transports will no longer chase planes.
* Gemini has been retuned to address a bug with its missiles.
* Tier 1 bombers now drop their bombs using a physics-based model.
* Zeus’s health increased.
* Revenant’s damage increased.
* Anti-air guns now prioritize bombers, gunships and transports over Interceptors and scouts.
* Gunships with AA do not chase planes.
* Multiple transports now use one Ferry Waypoint, as opposed to one per transport.
* New Dock Button orders planes to auto-land and refuel at nearest Air Staging Platform or carrier.

* Aurora: Acceleration increased slightly and top speed lowered.
* Cybran ACU damage reduced; rate of fire increased; overall DPS reduced.
* Mech Marine can now fire correctly from a transport; health increased.
* Omni Sensors no longer have sonar capabilities.
* Flare: Damage increased.
* Energy Storage economy reduced; explosion radius increased.
* Cybran TML defenses improved and now have a charge time before launch.
* Aeon ACU Advanced Resource Allocation System cost reduced.
* T3 land factories upgrade cost increased.
* UEF ACU nuke now behaves like other nukes.
* T3 Cybran Siege Assault Bots will no detonate into an EMP if they are destroyed while under construction.
* Cybran ACU and sACU now have a general cloaking button that handles both cloak and stealth.
* Fixed an issue where factories stopped responding if the unit being built was killed during the “factory lower” animation.
* Shields will no longer fully recover shield health while in an Energy-negative economy.
* Shields no longer prevent nuke damage.
* Commanders now display warp-in effect during online ranked games.
* All Supreme AI now begin building at the proper time in skirmish rather than waiting for 13 seconds.
* Engineers can now assist Shield Generators and will repair and recharge shields while shield is taking damage.

* Tier 1 Tanks
– Striker has increased movement speed and has been retuned.

* Tier 2 Tanks
– Retuned to perform better vs. Tier 1 units.
– Increased movement speed.
– Obsidian Energy drain decreased.

* Tier 2 Artillery:
– Miasma: Damage reduced.
– Klinkhammer: More accurate.
– Gunther: More accurate, damage increased.

* Tier 2 Point Defenses
– Now lead their targets.
– Oblivion and Triad no longer deal damage to friendly targets.

* Tier 3 Siege Assault Bots
– Firing-range reduced.
– Vision-range reduced.
– Acceleration reduced.
– Harbinger and Titan build cost increased.
– Titan turret speed increased.
– Loyalist build cost decreased and DPS increased.

* Can no longer build Strategic Missile Defenses on water.
* Salem now moves similar to Aeon and UEF Destroyers; its speed on land has been increased and only goes on land if it has been given a land-based waypoint.
* UEF and Cybran Naval factories are now more susceptible to torpedoes.
* T3 submarines are now significantly cheaper to build, their TML damage has been reduced and their nuke cost increased.
* Amphibious units (that move along the sea floor) now have water vision equal to their normal vision. They can also now detect submarines.
* Carriers (including the CZAR) can now build Tier 1 through Tier 3 air units.
* Cybran carrier anti-air guns DPS decreased and accuracy increased.
* T3 Sonar Buoy’s cost reduced, health changed and sonar range increased.
* T1 and T2 Sonar Buoy’s health increased.
* T3 Aeon Sonar Buoy anti-torpedo rate of fire decreased.
* T1 Torpedo Launchers now have sonar.
* T3 Aeon Strategic Missile Submarine’s tactical missiles can now be targeted by TMD’s.

* Frigates:
– Health increased
– Build cost decreased
– DPS increased
– Beacon range decreased
– Anti-torpedo system retuned.

* Submarines:
– Sylph build cost increased and DPS decreased.
– Sliver DPS decreased, build cost decreased and health increased.

* Destroyers
– Build cost retuned.

* Battleships
– Summit and Galaxy build cost decreased.

* Galactic Colossus and Monkeylord now always respond to attacks from Siege Assault Bots.

* Atlantis:
– Health reduced.
– Torpedo system retuned.

– Health increased.
– Beam damage reduced.
– Flak damage radius increased.
– Crash damage reduced.

* Fatboy
– Build cost decreased.
– Can no longer build Engineers while underwater.

* Galactic Colossus
– Build cost decreased.
– Movement improved.

* Mavor:
– Accuracy decreased.
– Turret speeds increased.
– Build cost reduced.

* Monkeylord
– Turret ranges increased.

* Scathis:
– Energy drain per shot reduced.
– Health increased.
– Max firing radius decreased.

* Soul Ripper:
– Ground-damage doubled and splash damage added.
– Air-to-air damage reduced.
– Crash damage and radius increased.
– Build cost retuned.

* Tempest:
– Acceleration increased.
– Turn rate increased.
– Main cannon radius increased.
– Build cost decreased.

General Game UI
– Game no longer pauses when you minimize or press Alt-Tab.
– Messages are broadcast to every player when alliances are formed or broken.
– There is now a confirmation dialog for self-destructing units. (You can turn the self-destruct confirmation off in the Options Menu under the Interface Tab.)
– Removed auto-pausing from all dialogs except the Main Escape Menu in single player.
– Allied victory and share resources are now active by default.
– Construction/Queue Bars now shrink and grow according to how many options are available.
– Save, Load and Replay dialogs can now be sorted by name or date created/modified.
– A dialog similar to the victory dialog is now displayed when a replay has finished playing.
– Fixed duplicate weather effects showing up in right-hand corner of the world.

Map Control
– There is a new window that controls several things:
– Toggle Resource Icons on/off.
– Toggle Cartographic mode on/off.
– Toggle Minimap on/off (even in the minimal view).
– This dialog can be accessed by either pressing ‘Y’ or by clicking on the former ‘Minimap’ button.

Quick Select Groups / Avatars
– Units are automatically assigned to the same Quick Select Group that the constructing factory is assigned to.
– To support this, factories are now filtered out of Quick Select Groups when recalling them for selection.
– Shift + Control Group # will now add that control group’s units to your current selection.
– Shift + Clicking on any Quick Select button (Commanders, Idle Engineers, Control Groups) will add an idle Engineer to your current selection.
-Shift + Control + Control Group number now selects only factories in the Control Group.
– Support Commanders now have their own idle tab.
– Fixed a bug with Avatar Icons that would play the “Commander is under attack” voice for any non-commander units modded to show up as an Avatar.
– Avatars should now refresh properly when the focus army is changed.

Strategic Markers
– You can send markers to your allies by pressing the following keys:
– F5 – Sends a “General Alert” marker.
– F6 – Sends a “Move” marker.
– F7 – Sends an “Attack” marker.
– F8 – Creates a custom marker.
– General Alert, Move and Attack markers disappear after 10 seconds.
– Custom markers are permanent until the user deletes them (Shift+Ctrl+Right Click) or their army is defeated.
– Custom markers may be moved by any ally. Hold Shift and drag the circle to where you want the marker to be located.

– Added an option to lock the cursor to one screen when in full-screen mode. This is useful when you are playing full-screen on a dual-monitor systems and you’re only using one monitor.
– Added options that control both keyboard scroll and keyboard rotate speeds.
– Moved keyboard pan accelerate key from Shift to Control.
– Added option to toggle bloom rendering. (Toggling this off may increase performance. This has also been set to off for the low configuration.)
– Separated render background option into render skycube and render background.

– Changed tomato color to purple.
– Added a No Rush option for custom games. Does not apply to ranked games.
– During the specified No Rush time limit, you cannot issue orders to your units outside of your initial area. In addition, you will see a ring around your base that shows the area that you are limited to, along with a timer in the Score Display that shows the amount of time remaining. – Revamped the way map selection and options are displayed.
– All players now see a “display panel” where the option list used to be.
– The host can access a secondary configuration screen to change the map and game options.
– Rollover feedback shows which slot correlates with which spawn slot on the map.

Build Mode
– The B key now toggles build mode on and off. (Esc. still toggles it off, as well.)
– As a consequence, some keys needed to be remapped in order to accommodate the new functionality for the B key.

Mod Manager
– It is EXTREMELY likely that pre-patch mods will not be compatible with the new mod system.
– Mods now key from a GUID rather than by name.
– Exclusive flag works
– Before and after tables work.
– Conflicts table works.
– Example mods were removed from the main game data files as they were confusing players. The resource rich mod is still included since many players use that mod.
– Mod hooking now concatenates so local variables will be accessible.
– Added a new lua scd that moves generic engine files to their own scd.

Mod Support
– SupcomDataPath.lua has been changed so that directories are mounted instead of defined as a search path.
– OpenURL function is exposed to Lua scripts. It is simple to use:
Usage: OpenURL(“”)
– OpenURL will only open approved protocols. These protocols can be found in SupComDataPath.lua (in the same directory as the game binary).
– Please post in the mod developer support forums if you would like a new protocol supported.
– PrintText can now be used on the sim or user side to display text on the screen during a session.
Usage: PrintText(text, fontSize, fontColor [format: aarrggbb], duration [seconds], location [leftcenter|center|rightcenter])
– You no longer need to rename .zip to .scd
– For additional changes to mod structure, see this post:

File Structure
– There is now an option to save replays, screenshots and saved games in your My Documents folder.
– With this option enabled, you’ll only be able to see files in the My Documents folder.
– If you have files saved in the App Data location, they won’t appear in your file picker unless you turn the option off or manually move the files to the new locations.
– Files stored in the My Documents folder will not be removed if you uninstall Supreme Commander.
– You’ll find the files in My Documents\My Games\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander\
– For convenience, game mods may now be placed in My Documents\My Games\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander\mods
– Game maps may now be placed in My Documents\My Games\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander\maps

22 Responses to “The patch is out!”

  1. Baddox Says:

    Nice trick GPG, releasing early. I’m excited to try this out after taking a jog.

  2. Cyde Weys Says:

    Dammit, I’m already at my parents’ house awaiting transit to California at 4am in the morning, so I don’t have access to a SupCom-capable computer. Argh.

    Also, GPG, nice way to try to change “one month late” into “two days early”. I’m not sure it works, though.

  3. Sub Says:

    Good stuff.

  4. zordon Says:

    Good Morning Supreme Commander,

  5. T2A` Says:

    W000000000000t! Now all I have to do is figure out what the router passwords are so I can forward the ports SupCom wants me to. D:

  6. zordon Says:

    anyone had a chance to try it out yet? what’re the engine optimisations like? what is your general opinion after seeing it compared to your expectations?

  7. Wuped Says:

    The optimisations rule just managed to play a 5 way ffa that lasted for an hour with minimal slowdown. I am not quite sure about the balancing issues yet since all I have played is this 5 way ffa and no 1v1 or 2v2 games, and I am not very good at ffas (:. I shall go try some ranked.

  8. Sub Says:

    I have a dual core processor so I’m probably not one to judge the optimizations, but I can now play the game on the highest graphics with basically little to no slowdown which is a pretty big change.

  9. JRPereira Says:

    Well, I don’t know about anything else yet, but holy crap the cybran destroyer walk speed makes them very scary on land now. As soon as some of my friends get online I’ll probably have more to post.

  10. T2A` Says:

    I had previously renamed the ResourceRich mod within mods.scd to keep hosts from activating it. The patch did not like this. When I renamed it back the patch still did not work, nor did just getting rid of the file. I checked the DVD and found .cab files and tried to open them to no avail. I then read that XP is supposed to have read-only .cab support built right in even though it wouldn’t work for me even after I pointed the files right through explorer.exe. I then found some random archive program called AlphaZip that claimed to be able to handle .cab files since 7-Zip didn’t seem to be able to. When I used AlphaZip to open the files they were empty even though they’re 100+ MB and 5 GB in size. I was on IRC at the time and the only person there with SupCom who I knew was willing to send me the file and who I wouldn’t mind owing a favor to couldn’t get on his desktop. Thus, I was forced to reinstall. I got about 80% done with the installation when I noticed I hadn’t changed the install folder to my second drive where I store all my games, music, and videos. I canceled that install and did it again. It just finished installing (FINALLY) as I was typing this comment. Now to log on to GPGnet and see what happens… It seems to be going in increments and installing a bunch of GPGnet updates and making me wait to re-login after each one. It is not downloading any SupCom things and I’m still at v3189. Okay, finally, it’s downloading the 3189 to 3251 patch. Will it work this time…? It got past mods.scd so I think it will… It’s taking a LONG time to write units.scd; hopefully this is the last file. YES. It worked. Thank the Lord. I will report back if I notice any real performance difference since this game ate my computer for breakfast (1-5 FPS big battles, 10-20 everywhere else).

  11. Keri Says:

    I tried 8 times to download & install the patch. It installed 3/4 of the way then hung. I ended up uninstalling & reinstalling SC, then logging on GPG and downloading all the patches. The patch worked first time. NO mods/3rd party maps. dunno what went wrong.
    Juika Bloth

  12. JRPereira Says:

    I had to uninstall and reinstall the game. It most likely was due to the mods I had installed. After uninstalling/reinstalling, the patch went through without any further problems.

  13. Breezy Says:

    T2A i’m having the smae problem with the resourcerich thing. i deleted it… sigh. uninstall and reinstall, here i come!

  14. jetsnguns Says:

    with my quad core/8800 GTX i have noticed a huge improvement regarding performance, especially about rendering : i used to play 1920*1200 with all details. Keeping the same setting i would seriously and honestly say the number of FPS as doubled in worst conditions !
    GPG coders are gurus :)

  15. Aaron Says:

    Anyone want to do me a huge favor? I’m still out in the sandbox and am unable to get to any of the download pages that the patch would be on. Could someone grab the incremental and post it on an http somewhere that most likely wouldn’t be blocked? Or be willing to send it to my gmail acct?


  16. Baddox Says:

    First thing I noticed was the new strategic icon for scouts, but now I can’t remember what the old one was. I only played one game last night, a 2v2 custom, so I have yet to fully figure out how much the balancing has actually done. Seems they made the in-game chat look different too.

  17. Ryuken Says:

    @Aaron: does this link ( ) work for you?

    The patch is ace imo, a lot of improvements I’ve been waiting for.

  18. Aaron Says:


    nope, no go :( its one of those blocked sites. *sigh* maybe I’ll just have to wait the 2+ weeks until I get back home.

  19. bob Says:

    Where’s the darn map editor? >:(

  20. Toschi Says:

    They replaced orange with purple… :(

    And there’s a splash screen for the editor in the bin directoy, haven’t found the editor itself either, though…

  21. Ryuken Says:

    Map editor is supposed to come “soon”, was never meant to be released at the same time with the patch, just like with the GPGnet update (containing the map vault) which is also coming at a later date (but still “soon” :) ).

  22. Master Grim Says:

    @Ryuken: THANK YOU! You just saved my life, ’cause GPGnet won’t work for me…. T_T … Well, I can finally resume playing against people! ^_^

    Does anyone else have the problem I do with GPGnet? (It won’t let me create an account… saying that it can’t connect to the server, or some-such…)

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