What other SupCom2 fansites are there?

I just cleaned this site’s blogroll and the results were not encouraging. Both SupCom Live and SupCom Universe are now gone (no sense in linking because I mean gone). SupCom HQ hasn’t updated since 2007. At least GameReplays is still around, and it has a very active Supreme Commander 2 section. Is that all that’s left? Meanwhile, my favorite fansite from Total Annihilation, TA Universe, is still going strong some thirteen years later (and holy crap, I just realized I’ve now lived slightly more than half of my life since TA was released).

So what the heck happened to all of the SupCom fansites? I hope we aren’t the only survivor! Please, point me to any other useful SupCom2 sites you know of, because I have a fever for keeping up with the latest SupCom2 news, and the only prescription is more cowbell fansites.

9 Responses to “What other SupCom2 fansites are there?”

  1. Cyde Weys Says:

    And I’m not even going to be too picky with my definition of “fansite”. If it’s just a forum, but it’s a good forum that’s worth reading in addition to the official GPG forum, please let me know.

  2. SeraphLeviathan Says:

    Well, look at it this way.

    A Google search for “Supreme Commander 2 forum” leads to the first search being the useless Square Enix forums and then… the Supreme Commander ONE Beta site forums… How sad is that? The third site listed is the Stardock Forums! The Stardock Forums!!!!!! And I think that’s only that way because of the release of everyone’s favorite game on Impulse: Total Annihilation.

    It’s sad that SupCom2 was released with so little fanfare that even a quick cursory look through Google leads to totally useless results.

  3. Luke aka Fingolfin Says:

    Mine own blog is a ‘kind of’ SupCom 2 fansite… ish. Kinda.
    Not that I was emotionally wounded you didn’t mention it but…


  4. Buzz Says:

    There is also the german site http://www.insidesupcom.de/

  5. Buzz Says:

    I forgot: It also has an german and english speaking forum. http://www.insidesupcom.de/forum.php

  6. BLITZ_Molloy Says:

    Hello chums, remember me? Used to do the comics. :)

    Just bought the game today. Looking forward to getting started on it.

    I think the reason there aren’t good fansites is because there’s an official forum. Annihilated and TAUniverse never really took off properly until after the Cavedog forum had been shut down. And the official forum had horrible antiquated forum software.

    Now that any fansite has to compete with Facebook and Youtube it’s getting harder and harder to draw decent crowds. There are less PC games out now than there were in the late 90’s though. I think TA was just unusual having such a rabidly dedicated audience. People still seem to be actively playing and modding too, it’s not just some nostalgic thing.

  7. Alexei Says:

    There is a link for this website:)

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