I’ve started playing multiplayer matches

All right, so I’ve just started playing multiplayer SupCom2 matches. Here are some of my first impressions:

  • Bad teammates are not fun to play with. And by “bad” I don’t mean “not-tournament-quality”, I mean horrible. One of my teammates in a 2v2 hadn’t even built any military units ten minutes into the game, at which point I succumbed to a really-upgraded-ACU-rush (with TML upgrade and everything). And it’s not like he was going for economy, oh no; he wasn’t going for much of anything. Thankfully, Grokmoo got SupCom2 a couple days ago, so we’ll start playing multiplayer matches together soon.
  • Some people have unrealistic expectations of how a game is supposed to play out. I had one guy quit on me when I “rushed” him — which is to say, I did a normal build order and used the first of my tanks to harass his outlying metal extractors. If you want to play an empire building game, go join a No-Rush match. If you’re not in a No-Rush match, you don’t have any right to complain when the inevitable proper disposition of military forces occurs.
  • Being slaughtered by massed gunships sucks. Fixing the air factory veterancy bug will thankfully mitigate this issue somewhat. I’m still not very sure on what the proper response to a gunship strategy is. You can’t build your own gunships, because your opponent is already far ahead of you in numbers and yours will just get slaughtered. Rush the research on mobile AA and build lots of them? Go for lots of interceptors?
  • No one plays Illuminate online. I think I may have had one opponent who did, but he wasn’t any good.
  • Upgraded ACUs are really powerful. I’m not talking about the beginning of the game “drop everything and ACU rush”, I’m talking more about ten minutes in, when the ACU has its tactical missile launcher upgrade, the fire rate increase, and a couple levels in overall combat effectiveness (with the added health). That’s just nasty to try to deal with. I got steamrolled by a Cybran ACU in this manner and then I turned around and did the same thing to my opponent in the next match.
  • If you are going to use your ACU offensively, though, do bring some engineers with you. I didn’t and my commander almost died. It was a stupid risk on my part.

5 Responses to “I’ve started playing multiplayer matches”

  1. corhen Says:

    i found that communication between allies is critical…. in more than one game i have had to resort to “can you speak” to get my allie to reply to me

    if you and your ally communicate, you can coordinate your stratagy, having one person go air while the other goes ground, or one person builds fighter/bombers while the other builds gunships

    on the offensive, it is important to co-ordinate your attacks, and decide whether you are each going to attack your respective enemie, or rush a single one…

    PS, if you wanna play a game toghether, add me on steam “sfjetland@gmail.com” or “rattslayer”


  2. Cyde Weys Says:

    I just came off a fresh multiplayer match in which I lost. Any advice for me? Here’s a replay. I really don’t think I did that bad. Up until the end, my land army was holding roughly even with red’s, and that switch to gunships at the last minute did bring down one of the enemy’s ACUs. I don’t know exactly what I could’ve done better except … find a better teammate? Ugh.

  3. maarten1205 Says:

    ik kan geen multyplayer spelen

  4. Ember of Hartmann Says:

    My turn.
    I’m not a great multiplayer guy (I played one game so far), but I progressed a lot, in skirmish and campaign.
    Now let me tell you how my first game went:
    It was 2vs2.
    I tried a “normal” army, aka shield, assault bot, the usual stuff. With my “partner”, we defeated the first enemy, but his friend conter-attacked with galatic colossus, crushing my army. While my base was being destroyed, my partner tried to attack the enemy, only to fall to the Alien Conversion Cannon. In the end, we lost. My partner wasn’t a friend, it was someone I didn’t know. Maybe that’s why we lost. That, and my poor technology tree.

    That being said, I’m not a very good player, but if you want to have a fight, I’m okay with trying again. Even if I prefer playing against the computer.

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