Better fire controls?

As I’ve continued playing SupCom2, I’ve come up with some ideas for how the game might be improved. My first idea is to implement better fire controls. I’m thinking of a selector switch with options for each of a unit’s different weapons systems. It would default to “All” (and that’s what you’d use 90% of the time), but every so often, a situation would arise where you’d need to choose separate weapons systems in turn and give them individual targets.

For instance, let’s look at the UEF ACU. He has his normal gun, anti-air artillery, tactical missiles, artillery, and torpedoes (though we won’t cover torpedoes for the sake of simplicity). There are many situations where you might want the tactical missiles to take out, say, a factory, while the ACU’s main gun and artillery engage nearby land units. The way things are right now, there’s only one attack command, and issuing it will cause your unit to move within range of its shortest-range weapon, even when that’s a very bad idea — say, your enemy has a huge clump of point defenses that you want to take out with missiles rather than walk into range of.

The same issue applies to experimentals that have weapons of differing ranges/purposes. The King Kriptor has a decent long-range missile attack, but you can’t use it without also giving the order to move into close range to attack with the hand cannons.

And don’t even get me started on the lack of the ability to direct where a factory’s tactical missiles are firing. You could have four factories firing missiles at four different targets and never breaking through shields, when all you want is for them to focus on one target and put in enough concentrated damage to overwhelm the shields.

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  1. Fingolfin Says:

    Agreed. The build queue unit icons could be much clearer too. Hard to tell the difference between units when they’re so tiny. Perhaps they could color-code or put strategic icons next to them.

    Still want them to make it so that zoom-out-full doesn’t reset your camera angle, grrr.

    I think the Pullinsmash is the most stupid, redundant and poorly designed unit in the game, too. If they took that out and replaced it with a decent experimental (like a Spy unit), I’d be pleased.

  2. Gryphyn Says:

    Agreed. It would be helpful to have a “hold position” toggle, or say if you press ctrl while targetting it means hold position. Any weapons within range would fire at that target without movement.

    Or it could mean “move into range of longest range weapon only.”

  3. MeDDish Says:

    i believe hold position is assist area (think thats CRTL+ALT or something, or maybe ive been hitting the shortcut key and have not idea what is is)
    the ACU can shoot 4-5 different targets with all its weapons, IE Guns = Tank, AA = Bomber, Arty = factory, Tac = PD etc etc BUT u have to use the move command and let it auto target from there, it would be WAY to much for u to say attack THIS THIS THIS AND THIS every few seconds as each one died off….

    want a REALLY good question, WHY when u select a clump of units, and right click and HOLD, does a red circle come up???? (been on my list of questions to ask on the GPG forums for 2 weeks now, just havnt got around to it!

    Max range SHOULD be like it was in Supcom 1 & FA Attack-Move = stop and attack ANYTHING that comes into range! with their Crappiest longest ranged weapons!

  4. BLITZ_Molloy Says:

    Being able to permanently reset your camera angle in the options would be nice, instead of having to adjust it every game. I’d rather a more top-down angle because it can be hard to select units obscured behind factories and such.

  5. scotchtape622 Says:

    lol pkc on the forums said that he won’t buy it until they have a better camera :P

  6. Kernal_Panic Says:


    its a target painter, neat udea really, hold it down and move over targets you want to destroy, then the units selected will go about their business without having to shift target them.

  7. William Says:

    I’m with Gryphyn here. Cyde’s way of doing it would be difficult to set up in the UI without being pretty clumsy. You’d have to have a different button for each weapon. Having the cursor change to indicate what kind of weapon you’re targeting with might be a good idea. By that, I simply mean whether it’s AA, direct fire, arty, or TML.

    Further, I second that the units are a pain in the ass to recognize on the build menu. There’s no reason for them not to be in color. Or marked. Or more different. Or something!

  8. scotchtape622 Says:

    Where did you go Cyde Weys?

  9. Maelos Says:

    Hey Cyde. It has been too long. With the upcoming release of Starcraft:II I have gained a renewed RTS fever and wanted to check up on you and Supreme Commander. I hope all is well!

  10. Fingolfin Says:

    What do you think of the new patch so far, dude?

  11. MarshalN Says:

    Hi there — I’m new to this game (yeah, many years late). Trying to look for info here — or anywhere. Where should I go if I want to find multiplayer games? I was on GPGnet and it was pretty dead, or so it seems.

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