Write for us

Interested in submitting your writing to appear on Supreme Commander Talk? Just email it to Cyde Weys with the subject line “Supreme Commander Talk”. Make sure you check your spelling, grammar, etc., before submitting. If it’s a good quality piece it will appear on this site shortly. If you submit two or three good pieces that we end up using and you want to keep writing, we can set you up with an account and you can become a regular writer with the ability to post directly to the main page. Note, you are not giving up your copyright by submitting anything to us; you are merely giving us permission to host them here in perpetuity.

Can’t think of a topic to write about? Here are some ideas:

  • Pick a single unit and write about it in depth. Talk about its strengths, weaknesses, and maybe some creative ways to use it that most people haven’t even thought of.
  • Write up a summary of a game replay between two good players that offers up incisive commentary and strategic discussion (you can find replays through GPGNet). Alternatively, write a humorous piece about a game between two players of severely unequal skill levels that resulted in extreme ownage. Be sure to attach the replay files to your submission emails.
  • Review a 3rd party mod, unit, or map. Be sure to include links on where to download them and how they affect the balance of play.
  • An in-depth discussion of strategy, or tips on how to beat the really good players.
  • Have any particularly good ideas on how Supreme Commander could be improved? We’re interested!

Also, if you don’t want to write up a story, send us a lead on any Supreme Commander news and we’ll throw a post together ourselves.